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Trish Wood is Critical

Jul 17, 2020

New York Times editor Bari Weiss quits and drops a brutal letter describing the dysfunctional 'woke-athon' that the paper has become. We’ll deep-dive what she wrote and also speak to another target of editorial purity— the brilliant writer Meghan Daum.  So painful was the New Yorker review of her recent book that she was relieved her parents weren’t alive to see it. That her former employer and colleagues in New York were attacking her for taking on groupthink and woke culture wasn’t a surprise, the nastiness was expected but the velocity was not.  She was uplifted to discover that outside of the world of Liberal elites, her work was lauded by smart people who’ve had enough.  Meghan pulls no punches and also admits to that universal desire of all thinking women— for the sprawling, somewhat shabby New York apartment seen in Hanna and her Sisters.