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Trish Wood is Critical

Oct 30, 2021

In Tablet Magazine, writer Ann Bauer offers perhaps the most important essay of the COVID-19 era. Part history of a cruel scientific failure, part tragic biography, I Have Been Through This Before is a pandemic benchmark.
Also, Trish explores a grouchy encounter on social media and tries to understand growing 

Oct 23, 2021

The downfall of peer-reviewed science journals is accelerating with more accounts of papers being pulled from publication without clear explanations.
The latest example is a report compiled by vaccine adverse reactions researcher Jessica Rose. It analysed disturbing statistics sent to the Vaccine Adverse Event...

Oct 16, 2021

While science and medicine are failing a multitude of ethical challenges, hero and former Navy Hospital Corpsman Paul Rodriguez talks about his time in Iraq, what it was like practising medicine under fire and how difficult it was for him to come all the way home from war. Also, an Iranian student is struggling...

Oct 9, 2021

Trish and Julius talk mandates, mass psychosis and how we navigate our way out of the C-19 nightmare. Also, the whistleblower/operative bamboozling Washington over social media “safety” while demanding more censorship and Prime Minister Trudeau has some Canadians feeling like refugees. 

Oct 2, 2021

Sharri Markson has written a searing account of the near certain Wuhan lab leak that has contaminated the world.  Explosive revelations implicate Tony Fauci for covering it up and never speaking openly about it even at the beginning when it might have helped.