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Trish Wood is Critical

Dec 26, 2020

It’s one of the greatest animal stories ever and the person it happened to is here to tell the tale. One day a beautiful black wolf trotted into the lives of a community in Alaska and stayed for 6 years. Writer Nick Jans says it was nothing short of magic.
Experts still ponder the friendship Romeo developed with...

Dec 19, 2020

If lockdowns work, why do we have to keep locking down? Why aren’t the old and vulnerable actually being protected?

Why are public health experts so casual about the suffering caused by their flawed policies? Painful truths today with AJ Kay, a savvy COVID-19 journo exposing how it all went so wrong.

While leading...

Dec 11, 2020

Feminist Julie Bindel is a critically acclaimed journalist and writer who actively campaigns to end violence against women. She’s also a protector of women, who like herself, have become targets of trans-extremists who silence women and stop debate with hateful and threatening rhetoric. 

Dec 5, 2020

An Appalachian coal town of under 400 with a tiny drugstore making so much money selling opioids that the owner served popcorn to the throngs waiting in long lines for their pills. What happened in Kermit, West Virginia is a story of America’s poor being exploited for profit by corporations headquartered hundreds...